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The warranty of the products it distributes QB BIKES coverage is determined by the manufacturer against defects in manufacture of product components.

Coverage for conventional bicycles, standard motorization and some components is 2 years and 6 months or a year for consumables (batteries, motors high-speed racing kits, etc or high performance bikes designed to intensive or competitive), and for repairs of 3 months.

The warranty applies only to the original purchaser for products purchased new and unused. The purchaser must present original proof of purchase (invoice or order number).

For products labeled "DEMO", the warranty period is 6 months in all components.

The warranty will be worth:


If you change, alter or replace some of the same data or proof of purchase.
If you handle or repair both the identification number, as if handling the apparatus without authorization of the Technical Service.
In the absence of the corresponding invoice or receipt

BIKES QB warranty will not apply in the following cases:


Normal wear and tear of products.
Damage, failure or loss caused by accident.
Inappropriate use, for example if the product has been exposed to liquids, chemicals, extreme temperatures or humidity.
Overload, abuse, external influences, accident, or if they do not follow the instructions.
Misuse of the product.
Negligence and / or failure to follow instructions or warnings provided on the product guides for users sent or posted on our website.
Damage, malfunction and / or loss caused by using the product performing tricks or stunts that are made with products outside their normal use, ramp jumps, races, trick riding or other similar activities, or any other use case for which have not been specifically designed these products.
In no way guarantees apply to products or components mechanical and / or electronic, that have been altered, manipulated or modified from their original configuration by any person unless authorized by our service department and has evidence of it.
BIKES QB will not be liable for any damage, failure or loss caused by any unauthorized service or use of unauthorized parts replacement.
The on-demand or demand much more power in batteries, electric bicycles or engines, abusing the power which has been designed and abusing their benefits.
Products damaged during shipping or other transit or BIKES QB when transportation is paid by the buyer.
BIKES QB is not responsible for the abuse by the customer of the time inclementecias much as exposure to extremely high temperatures, as in weather conditions where rainfall is extremely strong.
If found inside electronic parts water remains or short circuits caused by moisture or water presence.


To make use of the warranty, it is essential to present the warranty certificate or proof of purchase. In case of failure of a product, please contact us via email, and we will try to solve the problem this way, in case you can not solve the failure shall previously contacted by phone to open the file and warranty along with the number that we provide our service to send it. All shipments must be sent to Quibeka Innova SL - C / Cid 12, 46136 - Museros, Spain

He attached a copy of the invoice and written details of the fault. All submissions must be sent by any transportation agency or prepaid post, otherwise be returned.

Never refunded a product or relocated by another if it has been used.
The material is found defective will be repaired or else replaced by a new service if it is appropriate and sent without charge to the customer from our facilities, freight shipping from the customer's home to our facilities will be borne Client.

The material that exceeds our technical tests and their results contradict the description of your fault and it is determined that it has no manufacturing fault, but merely an adjustment problem or malfunction due to ignorance or lack of maintenance, the client be responsible for the cost of return shipping will be shipped back to the customer freight collect a surcharge of 10% for testing and handling with a minimum of 30 euros plus IVA.

To make a return, send us an email prior to explaining the causes: We will forward a form of service which must be delivered with the product signed by the customer.